About us

We are a dedicated company focus on production and distribution of sustainable technologies for Agriculture and Livestock. As pioneers in biotech, Biokrop is designed to help farmers to increase yields and their products qualities.


Provide biotechnology tools to increase crop yields and animal production in a sustainable way.


Maintain current ecological and environmentally friendly technologies, focused on the efficiency and health of plants and animals for human consumption.


Biokrop's Prebiotic technology for plant production is designed to provide essential elements, improve nutrient absorption, promote plant health, improve soil conditions, and increase crop yield and quality.

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Foliar Blend

This powerful treatment is designed to improve plant health, increase plant growth and development, improve crop yields and quality, and reduce stress on plants caused by environmental factors and chemical applications.


Very often lime is applied when the soil and the plant really need calcium to be available, calcium is an essential element 33,000 times more available than Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3).


PRÓXIMO LANZAMIENTO. Surfactante Anfótero. Permite un mejor uso de agroquímicos y fertilizantes líquidos. Compuesto BANDA VERDE. No tóxico y no contiene nonilfenoles.


Yield and Fertilizer Efficiencies IgniteS4® is formulated for inoculation on all dry N-P-K fertilizer materials and significantly improves the uptake and availability of those nutrients while positively affecting soil health, plant growth and development.


Our livestock products are designed to improve the health of the animal, as well as their production environment. When used properly, the products will improve digestion, increase weight gains, milk production and breedback, and strengthen the animals natural defense system to environmental stress and disease.

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Optimal Health for Optimal Production.Nutri-Zyme® is an all natural, prebiotic feed and water additive designed to improve animal health and performance.


The 'Natural Solution' to Manure Treatment and Odor Control. Indigo®is an all natural, liquid bio-degradation accelerator derived from plant extracts and a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bacteria and fungi.